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Scent List

Our candles are made using candle fragrances that are infused with natural essential oils. We are looking for scents that will delight your nose and add a little something extra to your living and working space. Candles are a wonderful addition to the living room, bathroom, office or outdoors, and we have just the right scent for any and all of those spaces.

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Spiced Chai: Black tea, cinnamon and sweet vanilla

Pumpkin Bread: Notes of pumpkin, spice + vanilla


Musk + Wood

Amber + Oakmoss: musky + light, warm + sensual

Teakwood + Tobacco: sophisticated + sexy, a favorite of men + women

Dragon’s Blood: rich + complex, full bodied + powerful

Sandalwood + Fire: musky + woody with a touch of campfire smoke

Egyptian Amber: musky + light, warm + sensual

Nag Champa: like the incense, with notes of patchouli + musk – this is a classic scent

Fresh Pine: Pine + fir tree, smokiness + a hint of citrus, an outdoor-lover’s favorite


Sweet Treats

Very Vanilla: intense vanilla sweetness

Brown Sugar + Fig: warm, inviting + a little exotic

Fresh Coffee: dark, roasted coffee-bean scent with a touch of sweetness



Gardenia: sweet + green with a lovely floral body

Honeysuckle Jasmine: bright + lively with just the right amount of softness + warmth

Plumeria: a tropical, floral delight

Lovely Lavender: calming + tranquil

Sea Salt + Orchid: soft floral notes with a clean, day at the beach feel



Bergamot Ginger: a bit of citrus and a touch of spice

Grapefruit + Peach: fresh burst of exotic citrus with a touch of sweetness

Cranberry Delight: a luscious blend of cranberries, spiced apples, and orange peel

Citrus Bliss: a yummy mix of candied citrus fruits – Volcano candle lovers? This scent is for you!


Clean + Fresh

Green Tea + Lemongrass: bright + natural with enough citrus to feel fresh + crisp

Sage + Pomegranate: clean + earthy with subtle fresh floral notes

Spa Day: invigorating, relaxing + light. eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass + musk

Not sure which one you’d like best?

Try a sample pack.

It can be hard to choose a scent without testing it out first. So, we have put together a sampler pack just for you. Sorted by category, each pack contains four labeled tea lights for you to test out before deciding on which of the larger candles to get.