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EKP Creations Candle Shop

EKP Creations Candle Shop now makes our candles available online! Handmade in our studio, EKP Creations candles are made in small batches using all-natural soy wax. Our earth-friendly candles are created from your favorite upcycled wine, beer and liquor bottles. Scent combinations feature seasonal and year-round fragrances, made using candle fragrances that are infused with essential oils. Our scents range from musky earth tones to clean crisp scents and everything in between.

We offer a wide selection of candles that are poured and ready to ship. Or, if you’re looking for a particular bottle or scent, we would love to create custom candle just for you.

Fill your home with the warm, inviting glow of candlelight. Depending on the size you choose, our candles will burn from 40-100 hours, and our soy wax is petroleum-free, so our candles burn clean, with no soot residue.

EKP Creations candles make unique and thoughtful gifts for birthdays and holidays, as well as housewarming, thank you, and hostess gifts. Of course, they are also a perfect gift to give yourself!

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Poured + Ready to Ship Candles

We sell and make new handmade candles every week. The candles in our Poured + Ready collection are all ready to be part of your home decor or gift-giving. Candles will be wrapped and shipped within 1-2 business days after you place your order. Click here to explore…

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Custom + Special Order Candles

Choose your favorite bottle from the selection on our Custom + Special Orders page and choose your scent from our Scent List. We can create the perfect custom candle for you or for a gift. Once you place your order, we will pour your candle and ship it to you within five business days. Click here to explore…

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Travel Jars

Easily packable, portable and affordable, these little gems are perfect to tuck in your bag for your next getaway to be sure your accommodations are up to snuff! They also make great gifts for your friends and fellow travelers. Click here to explore…

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Tea Light Candles

Not sure what scent you might like best? We can help. Choose from our scent list to create a sample pack just for you. Each tea light is labeled with the scent and the 4-pack comes in a small bag. At just $2.50 for a pack of four, you can sample our candles without breaking the bank. Click here to explore…