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EKP Creations makes all-natural, long-lasting soy wax candles. We use upcycled wine, liquor, and craft beer bottles–plus other jars and bottles too–to create unique and eco-friendly candles you’ll be proud to own and gift.

Our Story

EKP Creations

Emiliano & Keri Palustre


Candlemakers Emiliano and Keri Palustre poured their first candles in 2014 in their kitchen in Long Beach, California. There was something intriguing about the idea of upcycling bottles of the wine and beer they loved and turning them into something special. Over the next few months, they refined and perfected their process, and started showing their wares at local arts fairs, where their candles flew off the shelves. Keri soon left her office job to focus on making candles her full-time obsession, while Emiliano refined his glass cutting skills so he could hand-cut and polish each and every upcycled bottle. Today, EKP Creations’ candles come in a vast array of scents and formats, including travel jars and mason jars, and are featured in retail stores and artisan markets throughout California.

Our Candles

Soy Wax

We use all-natural soy wax produced from American-grown soy beans. Soy burns clean and lasts long, but its greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable. Our soy wax contains no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies. Because soy wax contains no petroleum, it burns clean, with no soot residue.


Our wax is scented with craveable, memorable candle fragrances that are infused with natural essential oils. With scents ranging from floral and fresh to musky and earthy, we’ve got the perfect candle for every nose!

About EKP Creations: Image of Soy Wax Flakes. EKP Creations uses soy wax for sustainability and soot-free, long-burning candles

Honeymoon wine turned into custom scented candle

Custom Orders

Have a special bottle sitting on a shelf? Let us turn it into a candle! We’ve transformed favorite bottles into memorial candles, anniversary gifts, wedding presents and more. You pick the scent, and we’ll do the rest! Just contact us to get started.

Candle Party – we bring the candles to you!

Candle Parties

Need an excuse to get your friends together to sip some wine and nibble on something yummy? We feel you. That’s why we do candle parties! We bring our great-smelling, handmade candles straight to you, so you and your friends can shop while sipping on your favorite beverages. Plus, you get some credit back for hosting to put towards your own candle purchase. Let’s party!

Custom Labels

Collaborations are awesome. Whether you’re a retailer looking for a line of private labeled candles, or want a unique corporate or party gift–we’d love to partner with you.

We worked with The Pie Bar in Long Beach, CA to create created custom labels for the 8oz Travel Jar candles sold in their shop. The line of candles are inspired by their best-sellers – like Key Lime Pie. 

Over the holidays, we worked with a local company to create a custom candle for their client gift baskets. A custom candle is a unique way to say Thank You or Happy Holidays to your team or your clients…or both!

“Our candle is a unique artistic centerpiece in our home. Its aromatic fragrance adds to our family’s memory-making moments.”

Debbie & Jesse Parrott

Huntington Beach, CA

“Keri, thanks so much for the candles. I absolutely love them! The upcycled bottles are so cool & the scents are fabulous! Favorites are Teak + Tea and Lemon Verbena – just what I was shopping for. They all smell so good. I’ve been burning them everyday & they last forever. Such a great buy.”
Tori Kormanik

Burnin' Beak Habanero Marmalade, Long Beach, CA

“EKP Creations did a GREAT job with the 5 bottles I had turned into candles. Each one of them had a different fragrance and I loved them all. I will be taking any future bottles that I want turned into a candle to EKP Creations.”

Indu Terrell

Long Beach, CA

I found EKP super easy to work with and love the fact that they are both a community niche and they are able to sell/ship national. We have caught up with EKP Creations at several street fairs and craft shows here in Southern California and it’s always great to see what new and different products they have to offer. We are so glad to have EKP as a gift giving resource!!

Brian K. Wright

Irvine, CA

I love EKP Creations beautiful hand crafted candles! I have my own & I love them as gifts! My favorite scent is the Nag Champa, just like the incense! The candles last forever & look beautiful on any desk, shelf or tabletop. Thank you EKP!

Danielle Thacker

Anaheim, CA

“EKP Creations candles are the only candles I buy + burn! Their attention to detail, from the bottle cuttings to the meticulously crafted scents, is as refreshing as their candles. If you appreciate sustainable methods, lovely aromas, and a beautiful product, then EKP Creations candles are for you!”

Jodine West

Fine Feathers Kombucha Company, Long Beach, CA

I’ve been buying candles from EKP Creations since the beginning & they are by far the best soy candles I’ve burned. Such a great variety of fragrances, and I think very highly of the makers too. Honest and true these two!  I can’t recommend them enough!! Try these candles. You’ll be so happy that you did.

Di Monteleone

Huntington Beach, CA

We were excited to be able to save the bottles from wine that commemorated special events. EKP Creations converted them into lovely candles so we can continue to use them for special occasions and be reminded of good times in the past.

Christine Jacoy

Long Beach, CA